Audition Results


42nd Street Audition Results

Well done to all our amazing auditionees, we say it every year but this year more than ever every single person did an outstanding job in preparing for their auditions and really gave the audition panel a lot to consider when putting together the cast you see below.

We know that there will be some who are disappointed that they may not have been given the parts they auditioned for. We really hope you will still come along and join us for what is going to be a fabulously fun and upbeat show.


And so.....the audition results are as follows:

Peggy Sawyer - Fleur Petford

Julian Marsh - Carl Cook

Dorothy Brock - Natalie Baggott

Billy Lawler - Richard Cope

Maggie Jones - Gillian Homer

Bert Barry - Richard Homer

Anytime Annie - Faith Newrick

Lorraine - Jenni Houghton

Phyllis - Ellisha Morris

Diane - Rachel Homer

Gladys - Louise Griffin

Ethel - Becky Southall

Andy Lee - Grant Chapman

Abner Dillon - Adrian Raybould

Pat Denning - David Shaw

Mac - Jake Winwood


Main Tap Dancers

Bekki Jackson

Danielle Garrett

Niamh Hadley

Abbey Benton

Vicky Cook


Anyone not mentioned above will form part of the main chorus and will be involved a great deal in the production. There are also a number of other parts to give out that will be done by the production team through thecourse of rehearsals.

Well done to everyone and here's to a wonderfully fun and happy show!!!