Audition Results

From all the audition panel involved in casting this show, a massive Well Done!! We are exceptionally pleased once again at the high quality of auditions presented. With so many auditions taking place the quality has been out of this world, which has made the job of putting the cast together that much harder. 

It is really a shame that everyone cannot be successful however the audition panel has made the tough decisions to piece together a fantastic cast who will not only look right together but who also have the necessary skills and chemistry to deliver a truly wonderful production.

 This year we have had the additional restriction of costume availability. Due to the limited number of of costumes available for the show this puts a strict limit on the number of people who can be involved.

Therefore, unfortunately, if your name does not appear on the list below then I'm afraid you will not be able to join us on stage this year.

Everyone can be assured that individually everyone did a great job in their auditions, however the audition panel needs to look at the whole of the cast and how the individuals will fit together as a team. If you aren't successful this year then please don't think that you have let yourself down in anyway, it is just how these things fit together. 


Anyone listed below needs to confirm ASAP that they are happy to accept their role by emailing [email protected]

 Shrek - Carl Cook
Fiona - Mairead Mallon
Donkey - Danny Teitge
Lord Farquaad - Tom Robinson
Teen Fiona - Bella Cook
Young Fiona - Naomi Thompson
Dragon - Alanna Boden
Pinnochio - Alex Cook
Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy - Gillian Homer
Young Shrek/Grumpy - Sebastian Routledge
King Harold - Dan Cowdrey
Queen Lillian - Alanna Boden
Papa Ogre - Steve Ganner
Mama Ogre - Natalie Baggott
Pied Piper - Sarah Coussens
Mad Hatter - Sam Gordon
White Rabbit - Paige Westwood
Mama Bear - Keshia Herbert
Papa Bear - Dan Cowdrey
Baby Bear - Connie Davies
Elf - Kersten Davies
Fairy Godmother - Jo Guilliat
Wicked Witch - Sarah Coussens
Wolf - Owen Bradley
Humpty Dumpty - Katie Leach
Peter Pan - Adam D’Aubrey
Ugly Duckling - Freya Greaves
Blind Mouse - Niamh Hadley
Blind Mouse - Shannon Lee
Blind Mouse - Freya Poulton
Little Pig - Natalie Baggott
Little Pig - Jo Tranter
Little Pig - Kerry Davies
Captain of the Guard - Steve Coussens
Duloc Greeter - Sam Gordon
Guard - Andy Poulton
Guard - Daniel Haddon
Guard - Charlie Bullock
Guard - Alex Brettell
Bishop - Andy Poulton
Thelonius the Executioner - Steve Coussens
Bluebird (Singing) - Holly Mills
Dragon Puppeteers - Amanda Palmer
Dragon Puppeteers - Dan Cowdrey
Dragon Puppeteers - Paige Westwood
Dragon Backing Singer - Keshia Herbert
Burned Knight - Adam D’Aubrey
Burned Knight - Owen Bradley
Burned Knight - Alex Cook
Burned Knight - Andy Poulton
Rat Tappers - Shannon Lee
Rat Tappers - Freya Poulton
Rat Tappers - Rebekah Thompson
Rat Tappers - Heather Hadley
Rat Tappers - Darcy Grainger
Rat Tappers - Leanne Ditchfield
Skeletons - Bella Cook
Skeletons - Grace Perks
Skeletons - Beth Wall
Skeletons - Rebekah Thompson
Skeletons - Heather Hadley
Skeletons - Charlie Bullock
Happy People - Shannon Lee
Happy People - Freya Poulton
Happy People - Rebekah Thompson
Happy People - Heather Hadley
Happy People - Darcy Grainger
Happy People - Leanne Ditchfield
Happy People - Bella Cook
Happy People - Amanda Palmer
Happy People - Charlie Bullock
Happy People - Grace Perks
Happy People - Beth Wall
Happy People - Sam Gordon
Happy People - Andy Poulton
Happy People - Charlie Bullock
Happy People - Alex Brettell
All non-named characters
Duloc Performers - Sam Gordon
Duloc Performers - Shannon Lee
Duloc Performers - Freya Poulton
Duloc Performers - Rebekah Thompson
Duloc Performers - Heather Hadley
Duloc Performers - Darcy Grainger
Duloc Performers - Leanne Ditchfield
Duroc Performers - Grace Perks
Duloc Performers - Adam D’Aubrey
Duloc Performers - Beth Wall
Puppeteer - Bella Cook
Puppeteer - Alex Brettell
Puppeteer - Charlie Bullock