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Audition Pieces


Due to the nature of the show and the audition process this year things are slightly different to how we've approached auditions in the past.

If you have any questions about any of the pieces below then please contact [email protected]

Please refer to the Character Breakdown page for more information.

Backing tracks can be found here and have been made downloadable.

All remaining tracks have now been recorded and are in the Soundcloud playlist below.

Anyone wishing to audition for the Subway ghost is advised that this audition piece is spoken in rhythm and has no backing track that can be recreated on the piano. Please take a look at this youtube video as a guide 


qbmts ยท Ghost the Musical Audition Tracks



Acting Audition - Take the lyrics from the song "With You" and create a 1 minute monologue displaying the range of emotion necessary

Singing Audition -  No.11 With You (Complete Number) & No.12 Act 1 Finale (bar 223 for intro to end - singing own line)



Acting  - Please create 2 monologues using the text below. Sam shows a wide range of emotions during the show, please try your best to display these in your video

 No 1 - Sams Death

Where am I ? Where’s Molly?

What’s happening to me?

No this isn’t happening. I am not dead.

I’m too young to die.

I’m not ready, I was Not ready.

Can somebody help please?

Hello! Hello! ANYBODY!


No 2 - Sam moving on

(Spoken Not sung)

I say it with my eyes

I say it with my touch

I say it with my heart.

I love You

I love you Molly

I’ve always loved you.


Singing Audition - No.12 Act 1 Finale (bar 223 for intro to end - singing own line) & No.21 Unchained Melody (Dance) (bar 13 for intro to end)


Oda Mae – Pg 68 from ‘It’s a gift’ to ‘Cute ....white but cute’.  NO gaps as a monologue. CLICK HERE for script pdf

Singing  - No.20 - I'm Outta Here (beginning to bar 91)


Carl – pg 86 ‘Tony it’s Carl’ to ‘There won’t be anymore problems’ CLICK HERE for script pdf

Singing - No.3 - More (bar 103 to end, cutting bar 125,126 & 127)


Willie Lopez – pg 44 ‘Hey man’ to ‘You are a hottie, you know that?’ CLICK HERE for script pdf



Louise & Clara

Singing - No.9 - Are you a believer (bar 5 to bar 22 - singing all lines)


Hospital Ghost

Singing - No.6 You Gotta Let Go Now (bar 11 for intro to bar 37)


Subway Ghost

Singing - No.15 - Focus (bar 6 to bar 22 - speaking exactly in time)


Any one who wants an acting part other than those roles. Pg 92 Det Beidiman speech. CLICK HERE for script pdf