Ghost the Musical Character Breakdown

A young successful banker who conforms to society, deeply in love with Molly but due to a
fear of everything going wrong he is unable to say the words. When he wants something he
doesn’t give up until he gets it but in a way that wins people round. Very trusting of his
friends and people in general he is genuinely shocked when he realizes not everyone sees life how he does. Good actor able to show full range of emotions also some comedy. The ability to play guitar would be nice but not necessary.

A young artist the complete opposite of Sam in when it comes to conforming, lives life a day
at a time. However, she does relent and agrees to marry Sam eventually. Understandably
finds it difficult to cope after Sam murder and eventually turns to Carl for comfort. Needs
good actress able to show full range of emotions.

Larger than life character, con artist with a heart of gold. Afro-American can really be any
age as long as older than Sam and Molly. Comes from a family of people who had “the gift”
but never had it herself until Sam turns up so doesn’t really know how to handle the situation. Needs to be a good strong character actress.

A Little older than Sam and not quite as successful which leads to underlying resentment. On the surfaces seems just like his friends but he is selfish and after as much as he can get as quick as he can get it no matter what he has to do.

A lowlife with no redeeming features, never had anything in life and thinks he can steal it.
Doesn’t take anything seriously and thinks he’s cool. The kind of person you would avoid on
a dark night. Good Actor who can be horrible.

Probably a down and out when he was alive he is angry in death. “Lives” on the subway he
can move things so Sam has to get him to help him. This may be first time anyone has asked
him for help so softens for a very short time. Good character actor, needs to be over the top without been funny.

The complete opposite of Subway Ghost. Nice grandfatherly like character. First ghost Sam
meets, he tries to help him understand what has happened. Good character/comedy actor needs to come across as warm and friendly. The ability to tap dance would be nice but not necessary.

Ode Mae Brown’s Assistants, can be either younger, same age or older it doesn’t matter.
Need to be loud and proud and shameless of what they are doing. More of singing role than
acting but really want good strong actresses too to get most out of the role

Must be able to dance and sing, will not include solo songs but sing as a company. Some of
the smaller characters will be selected from this group.