Disney's The Little Mermaid - Audition Results

Congratulations to everyone who has auditioned, the standard has been exceptionally high this year and we are delighted that so many came along and showed us just what a talented bunch of young people you all are!

If you didn't get the part you were after please be assured that there will be plenty to do for everyone as it is an extremely busy show as we're not doing parts of it in the "traditional" way.

If you auditioned and arent shown on this list then please let us know ASAP !


All cast members must confirm they accept the parts given by emailing [email protected] by no later than 7pm on Sunday 27th March.  Due to the amount of applicants, sadly we cannot offer any feedback.

If we have not heard from you by this time and date then it will be assumed you no longer wish to take part in the production and your name will be removed from the list below.


Ariel - Heather Hadley

Prince Eric - Alex Brettle

Ursula - Isabella Cook

Flounder - Katie Tranter

King Triton - Lewis Everall

Sebastian - Charlie Bullock

Scuttle - Ellison Hart

Flotsam - Robyn Harding

Jetsam - Thea Lowe

Grimsby - Mason Howell

Chef Louis - Holly Savage

Mersister Aquata - Chelsey Hart

Mersister Andrina - Katie Bickle

Mersister Arista - Rebekah Thompson

Mersister Atina - Amelia Humphries

Mersister Adella - Amelia Patrick

Mersister Allana - Holly Stokes-Jones 

Winward - Naomi Thompson

Leeward - Harriet Field



Naomi Thompson, Libby Currell, Lydia Evans-Marsh, Harriet Field, Paige Skidmore



Rebekah Thompson, Katie Bickle, Amelia Humphries



Daniel Cwertiak, Martha Crump, Alexia Goth, Finn Dyas-Harrold, Lily Wesley, Lacey Price-Adkins, Faye Camplin, Alycia Jones


Chorus (Sea creatures, animals, Courtiers)

Saffron Knight, Georgia Riga, Maria Riga, Holly Jones, Hollie Williamson, Jayden Palmer (and Pilot), Oscar Wilkinson, Marc Tynan, Sofia Tynan, Holly Lee, Lily-Grace Wooldridge