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Shrek the Musical

Complete the form below to sign up to audition for a place in the cast for Shrek the Musical

This applies to everyone who wishes to take part - all cast members must audition to be on stage

All applications need to be submitted by 7pm on Friday 3rd December

 Auditions to be held at The Hardwicke Theatre, Thorns Academy off Stockwell Avenue, Quarry Bank, DY5 2NU

Sunday 12th December - 9.30 am to 4pm

Audition requirements:

·         Young Shrek/Grumpy (doubling part) – Maximum height at time of auditions – 4’8”
·         Fiona – Would be advantageous to have tap dancing experience
·         Character genders should match the script as closely as possible


Character List to be cast:



Papa Ogre


Peter Pan

Daddy Bear

Humpty Dumpty

Burned Knights x 2

White Rabbit

Blind Mouse 1

Thelonious the Executioner

Captain of the Guards

Young Shrek/Grumpy

Ensemble - to comprise of Guards, Happy People, Duloc Performers, Skeletons, Choir, up to 6 of each.

Dancers - Rat Tappers

Audition Notes

Apart from those above there are some additional restrictions due to the size of costumes available however this should not be a consideration for auditionees. Auditions are open to everyone, with members of the BAME communities especially welcome.
For those auditioning for an Ensemble role there will be a short group movement and singing audition audition, you will not be required to sing a solo for one of these parts. 
Those auditioning for principal roles may be asked to undertake a more extensive movement audition at the discretion of the audition panel.
Auditionees are to audition for 1 part only – multiple auditions are not required.
Membership fees are £25 and are to be paid within 4 weeks of being offered a role in the production.
Please also note that due to the additional performances the current planned performance run and schedule for the run-up to the show will be as shown below. Attendance at these rehearsals is compulsory. If you are not able to attend for any reason then please do not apply to audition.

Performances will be:

Saturday 4th June - 2.15pm Matinee
Saturday 4th June - 7.15pm Evening

Sunday 5th June- 1.15pm Matinee

Monday 1st June - NO PERFORMANCE

Tuesday 7th June - 7.15pm Evening

Wednesday 8th June - 7.15pm Evening

Thursday 9th June - 7.15pm Evening

Friday 10th June - 7.15pm Evening

Saturday 11th June - 2.15pm Matinee
Saturday 11th June - 7.15pm Evening.

Current timetable for the run up week:

Sunday 29th May - Scenery "Get In" and Band Call in the Bar

Monday 30th - Rigging and lighting - Cast Rehearse on the floor

Tuesday 31st - Full Run at normal venue

Wednesday 1st - Tech Rehearsal at Civic -Full cast, no costumes

Thursday 2nd - Full Dress at Civic

Friday 3rd - Final Dress at Civic

Bear in mind this show will involve a lot of prosthetic work for a number of characters so those people will need to be at the theatre in plenty of time to get these on.


Shrek - Audition Sign up
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