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Auditions for Singing in the Rain – QBMTS
Men’s Auditions

Don Lockwood – Hollywood actor in silent movies. Witty and charming.
Strong actor/singer/dancer - including tap.
Songs – 21. Singin’ In The Rain (bar 11 to bar 51)
16. Moses Supposes (to bar 40, singing Cosmo’s lines where necessary)
Script – Act 1, Pg 11-13
Tap Dance

Cosmo Brown – Studio’s head musician. Don’s wacky best friend and comical
side kick.
Strong actor/singer/dancer - including tap.
Song – Make ‘em Laugh (to bar 80)
Script – Act 1 Pg 9-10 (from ‘Ta Ta Lina’ to just the role)
Pg 28 (from ‘Come on now Don’ to ‘guillotine’)
Tap Dance

R.F.Simpson – Studio Head of Monumental Pictures. Commanding physical appearance.
Script – Act 1 Pg 34-35 (from ‘you can stop rolling’ to ‘they talk’)

Roscoe Dexter – Highly strung movie director of Monumental pictures.
Script – Act 1 Pg 50-51 (from ‘Cut!’ to ‘we’ll have to think of something else’)

Male Diction Coach – Don’s diction teacher. Shakespearean speaking voice.
Script – Act 1 Pg 46-47 (from ‘No No’ to ‘Sipped his snifter’)

Production Singer
Song – 13. Beautiful Girl (cutting end of bar 32 to bar 50)
Additional characters (to be cast from the above auditions)

Rod – Monumental productions publicity manager and agent
Sid Phillips – Director of musicals
3 assistant directors – Dexter’s yes men
Sam the butler
Villain in the Silent movie
Sound engineer
Plus more!!
Ladies Auditions

Kathy Seldon – Young up and coming actress. Strong- willed and smart.
Strong actor/singer/dancer - including tap
Songs – 14. You Are My Lucky Star (complete number)
9. All I Do Is Dream Of You (to bar 32) with dance.
Script – Act 1 Pg 11-12 (from ‘What are you doing’ to Don Lockwood’)
Pg 14 (complete page)
Tap Dance

Lina Lamont – A glamorous silent screen star, off screen though she is brass and crass.
Annoying character voice.
Song – 26. What’s Wrong With Me (complete number)
Script – Act 2 Pg 77-79 (from ‘ Zelda , you know’ into song)

Dora Bailey – Bubbly, larger than life, gossip columnist and radio personality.
Script – Act 1 pg 1 (from ‘Hello out there’ to ‘it’s really love’)

Zelda Zanders – Flapper starlet with an attitude. Lina’s friend
Script – Act 2 Pg 77-78 (From ‘that’s what friends are for’ to ‘Pals’)

Miss Dinsmore – Lina’s frustrated classical speaking voice coach.
Script – Act 1 Pg 45

Candy Kiss Girls – Singer/dancers in ‘All I do is dream of you’
Song – All I Do Is Dream Of You (to bar 32) plus dance

Additional characters (to be cast from the above auditions)
Mary Margaret
Olga Mara
Wardrobe Mistress
Lady in Waiting
Mrs Simpson
Plus More!!

Dance troupe – Beautiful Girl, Make ‘em laugh, Broadway melody
Tap Dance Troupe – Broadway melody, Singing in the rain (finale)