Quarry Bank Musical Theatre YOUTH Society – Sweeney Todd Audition Information

Quarry Bank Musical Theatre YOUTH Society – Sweeney Todd Auditions

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please be aware when preparing your audition that whilst there are few speaking lines in the show, acting though the musical dialogue is vitally important to the success of the production as a whole.  For that reason, it is imperative that you act throughout your audition with strong characterisation and not simply sing a solo!

The production team cannot stress enough the importance of preparing for your audition using the many soundtracks, recordings and films that are available. The score we are allowed to perform is exactly the same as the Broadway and West End productions with no alterations or cuts as there were in our performance of Les Miserables Schools Edition. Please also bear in mind that in order for you to be considered for a principal role, you MUST prepare the audition material as stated below. We cannot even consider you for a role if you cannot present every element of the requested audition pieces. Please prepare thoroughly and speak to a member of the production team if there is anything that you don’t understand.

The score for this show is very complex and demanding! Please be aware that familiarisation of the score MUST be done at home before full rehearsals begin in June as our general rehearsal period is very short and demanding. You will be provided with a PDF of the vocal score following a successful audition and music rehearsals have been scheduled in April and May which are compulsory for all those who have been successful in obtaining a principal role.

Please list on your audition application any other commitments/holidays/shows/etc. that may conflict with your attendance at Tuesday and Wednesday rehearsals.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the production team.

All the very best!!

Character Information & Audition Pieces

SWEENEY TODD: A wrongfully imprisoned barber seeking to right the wrongs committed against him
and his family. He is Johanna's father, singularly focused on taking bloody revenge. Our story's
tormented protagonist. Although no specifc accent is required we would prefer a southern accent (no Dudley/Black Country please! :-) )
Vocal requirements: Baritone with very wide range. Vocal range top: Gb4/Vocal range bottom: F2
Audition Music:

5. My Friends – to bar 36
17. Epiphany – bar 16 to bar 44

MRS. LOVETT: An entrepreneurial and amoral meat pie shop owner. Eccentric, and sweetly yet coolly
manipulative. She falls in love with Todd and turns his desire for revenge into a profitable business
venture. Cockney accent required.
Vocal requirements: Alto 1/Mezzo-Soprano. Vocal range top: E5/Vocal range bottom: G3
Audition Music:

3. The Worst Pies In London – to beginning of bar 39
12. Wait – bar 25 to bar 82

ANTHONY HOPE: A naive and youthful sailor returning to London. He helps Todd return to London and
unexpectedly falls in love with Johanna. British accent.
Vocal requirements: Baritone. Vocal range top: F4/Vocal range bottom: Bb2
Audition Music:

8A. Johanna (Part II) – complete number

JOHANNA: A spritely girl, full of innocence, constantly yearning for freedom. Todd's long-lost daughter
and Turpin's ward. Falls in love with Anthony. British accent.
Vocal requirements: Soprano. Vocal range top: A5/Vocal range bottom: Bb3
Audition Music:

6. Green Finch & Linnet Bird – bar 1 to end

BEGGAR WOMAN: (MINIMUM AGE RESTRICTION 16) A deranged, lewd woman who harbors a dark,
surprising secret. British accent.
Vocal requirements: Soprano. Vocal range top: F5/Vocal range bottom: Ab3
Audition Music:

2. No Place Like London – bar 28 to bar 42
20. Johanna Act II Sequence – bar 65 to bar 78

JUDGE TURPIN: (AGE RESTRICTION 16+) A lecherous public official who portrays himself as a
sanctimonious authoritarian. He takes advantage of his position in the city and is responsible for
imprisoning Todd. British accent.
Vocal requirements: Bass/Baritone. Vocal range top: Gb4/Vocal range bottom: E2
Audition Music:

16. Pretty Woman (Part 1) – complete number singing Todd’s lines

THE BEADLE: A pompous public official. He is deeply loyal to the corrupt Turpin. British accent.
Vocal requirements: Tenor. Vocal range top: D5/Vocal range bottom: D3
Audition Music:

14. Ladies In Their Sensibilities – complete number

TOBIAS RAGG: A simple-minded, innocent youngster apprenticed to Pirelli. He finds a surrogate family
in Todd and Lovett. Cockney accent required.
Vocal requirements: Tenor 2. Vocal range top: Ab4/Vocal range bottom: Bb2
Audition Music:

9. Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir – bar 7 to bar 79

PIRELLI: A larger-than-life Italian rival barber; a charlatan with a secret past. Will join ensemble when
not Pirelli. Italian accent and Irish accent needed. Italian accent more important.
Vocal requirements: Tenor 1. Vocal range top: C5/Vocal range bottom: B2
Audition Music:

10. The Contest (Part 1) – bar 9 to end