The Addams Family 

Congratulations to everyone who has auditioned, the standard has been exceptionally high and we could have cast each part many times over. 

We only have a limited number of spaces/costumes for this show, and have split the cast into Family, Named Ancestors, Ancestors and Dancestors (Zoe came up with that little word of brilliance!)

For role acceptance please will all people listed confirm that you accept the parts given by emailing [email protected] by no later than 7pm on Wednesday 30th November.  Due to the amount of applicants, sadly we cannot offer any feedback.

If we have not heard from you by this time and date then it will be assumed you no longer wish to take part in the production and your name will be removed from the list below.


Tom Robinson Gomez Addams

Sarah Coussens Morticia Addams

Isabella Cook Wednesday

Andy Poulton Fester

Jo Tranter Grandma

Robyn Harding - Pugsley

Jim Merris - Lurch

Hattie Rudge Alice Beineke

Alex Brettell Lucas Beineke

Carl Cook Mal Beineke


Featured Ancestors

Richard Homer - Caveman

Luey Pearce - Conquistador

Joe Neale - Soldier

Natalie Baggott - Puritan

Kerry Davies - Bride Ancestor

Freya Greaves - Flight Attendant

Freya Poulton - Saloon Girl

Flapper - Heather Hadley



Amanda Palmer, Gill Homer, Jo Guilliatt, Rachel Royal, Lydia Evans-Marsh, Alex Merris, AJ Savage, Ceri Cook, Thea Lowe, Helen Krump, Steven Homer, Emily Lane, Matthew Robinson, Grace Perks, Charlie Bullock, Darcie Edwards, Shan Nolan Beach



Sherrie Young, Niamh Hadley, Sam James Gordon, Rebekah Thompson, Saffron Knight, Amelia Humphries, Freya Poulton, Heather Hadley, Bekki Jackson, Leanne Ditchfield, Joe Neale, Luey Pearse.