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Sister Act Character Description and Audition Pieces


All playing ages are guidelines.

The parts of Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours, Sister Mary Theresa, Ernie(Curtis’ henchman killed in Act 1 Scene 2) and other smaller parts will be cast from the main auditions.



Deloris Van Cartier – Playing Age mid 20’s to mid 30’s. Must move well.

A feisty, strong willed, larger than life character.  Curtis’ bit on the side. Bought up a catholic and taught by nuns. Dreams of making it big singing.


Pg 5 – 7 (to No. Not this time)

Pg  15 – 17(to Oh my god. You gotta help me)

Pg 118 (to And they are the same thing)

Songs – 2. Fabulous Baby! (to bar 66) -

             17. Sister Act (complete number) -



Mother Superior – Playing Age 50 +.

Haughty, well spoken with a tough exterior. We see a softer side by the end of the show.


Pg 20-23 (from Dear Lord to No)

Pg 118 (to And they are the same thing)

Songs – 13. I Haven’t Got a Prayer (to bar 43 then cut to bar 91) -


Sister Mary Robert – Playing age late teens to early 20’s

A small postulant nun. Very timid and quiet, until she eventually finds her voice.


Pg 97-99

Songs – 15. The Life I Never Led (cut bars 153 to 185)  -


Sister Mary Patrick – playing age mid 20’s to 30’s

A large, bubbly, excitable, over the top, larger than life character. Everyone’s friend.


Pg 46-48 (from Mary Clarence what are you doing in this place? To We’re going to hell!)

Songs – 5. It’s Good To Be A Nun ( bar 12 to bar 53 – singing all) -

             11. Sunday Morning Fever (bar 79-90 –words at bar 91) -


Sister Mary Lazurus – Mid 50’s +

Choir mistress who gets moved aside. A bit of a grump. She takes everything in her stride, even rapping!


Pg 56-57

Songs – 5. It’s Good To Be A Nun (bar 12-bar 53- singing all) -

             11. Sunday Morning Fever (bar 120 to 131)  -       


Tina and Michelle  - Playing age 20 – 30’s

Nightclub backing singers. Good time girls, been around the block a few times!


Pg 6 (from Open it!)

Song – 1. Take Me To Heaven (bar 27 to bar 62 – own line) - Tina -  - Michelle -


Monsignor O’Hara - Playing age late 40’s+

A friendly, good natured gentleman. Always bright and positive.


Pg 73-74 ( to you are a visionary) , Pg 75 (Speech to Timpani)


Curtis – Playing age mid 30’s to 50’s

Confident, chilled out gangster. He is always in control of the people around him, his actions and any situation he finds himself in.


Pg 3-5

Pg 11-13

Song – 6. When I Find My Baby (bar 1 to bar 43) -


Eddie – Mid 20’s-mid 30’s

Police officer.  Bit of a nerd and totally uncool, there is a cool guy inside waiting to get out.


Pg 16-18

Song – 7. I Could Be That Guy (to bar 54) -  


TJ – Playing age 18+

Youngest of Curtis’ henchmen and his nephew, which is the only reason he has the job! He is naïve, daft and childlike, easily manipulated. Finds humour in everything he can.


Pg 4 (from What do you think boys? To end of page)

Song – 12. Lady In The Long Black Dress (bar 31 to bar 49) -


Joey – Playing age 30+

Curtis’ head henchman. Does what he is told. Thinks he is a cool ladies’ man but he’s not.


Pg 40 -41 (from they got a stool pigeon to How are we going to that boss)

Song – 12. The Lady In The Long Black Dress (beginning to bar 25) -


Pablo – Playing age 30+

Curtis’ Hispanic henchman. He is quiet and moody, the toughest of the gangsters. He is a slick, smooth dude but slow!


Pg 113-114 (from Ha! Donde esta Deloris? To Si Si)

Song – The Lady In The Long Black Dress (bar 70 to 81 – top note) -