The Cast

Sir Dinadan      Brian Genner
Sir Claudius   Kevin Hodgetts
Sir Lionel   Brian Weaver
Sir Sagramore   Jim Grainger
Merlyn   David Perry
Arthur   Kevin Dunn
Guenevere   Catherine Smith
Lady Anne   Anne Fisher
Lady Sybil   Dawn Fazey
Nimue   Janet Lowe
Sir Lancelot   Graham Edwards
Squire Dap   Stephen Howard
King Pellinore   Frank Genner
Mordred   Andrew Thompson
Morgan Le Fey   Pearl Oakley
Tom Of Warwick   Michelle Raybould


Mark Fisher      Joanne Maslin      Nicholas Parker      Richard Parson


Sarah Bunn      Lynne Boxley      Wendy Davies      Christine Fell
Julia Genner   Pat Perry   Deborah Priest   June Rothery
    Jill Scott   Hilary Wright    

 Ladies Of The Chorus

Olive Challenor      Dawn Fazey      Anne Fisher      Rita Howard
Margaret James   Valerie Longmore   Janet Lowe   Fiona Lucas
Pearl Oakley   Valerie Parker   Brenda Porter   Wendy Rose
    Lyn Roberts   Eileen Thompson    

 Gentlemen Of The Chorus

Bill Green      Kevin Hodgetts      Arthur Mallin      Fred Pratt
Robert Whittaker   Les Spittle   Stephen Howard   Peter Lowe