Quarry Bank Musical Theatre YOUTH Society – Disney's The Little mermaid Audition Information

Quarry Bank Musical Theatre Youth Society – The Little Mermaid Auditions

Auditions – Sunday 20th March 12-6pm.  Any person can audition who is between the ages of 8 and 18 at 21st September 2022.

We are rehearsing every Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 7.15pm – 9.45pm. There will be no rehearsal on the 30th/31st August. You may not be needed every rehearsal but should make yourselves available. A rehearsal schedule will be released nearer the time.

Two Sunday rehearsals (1pm-4pm) 4th September and 11th September. 

Sunday 18th September – (need to be available all day) band call and Tech

Monday 19th September – No rehearsal for cast

Tuesday 20th September – Dress Rehearsal (6pm)


Please list on your audition application any other commitments/holidays/shows/etc. that may conflict with your attendance 

*We would not accept any absences from 1st September onwards.*


Performances – Wednesday 21st September to Saturday 24th September 2022, 7.30pm to 10pm with a matinee performance at 2.30pm on Saturday 24th September (to arrive at the theatre by 6.30pm for weekday performances and 1.30pm for matinee performance


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the production team.

All the very best!!

Character Information & Audition Pieces

Little Mermaid Audition Pieces


Ariel (King Triton’s youngest daughter)              Script      Pg 5 and Pg 14 &15

                                                                           Song        Part of your world (all song)


Prince Eric  (a human Monarch)                           Script       Pg 26 and Pg 75 (to song)

                                                                             Song        One step Closer (to bar 27)


Grimsby (guardian of Prince Eric)                        Script       Pg 26

                                                                             Song        The Contest (to bar 9)


Flounder (a fish, Ariel’s best friend)                    Script       Pg 5 & 6

                                                                            Song        She’s in Love (Bar 51 to 90)


Scuttle (a seagull, expert in human artifacts)    Script        Pg 6 & 7

                                                                           Song         Positoovity (To bar 79)


King T (King of the sea)                                      Script        Pg 14 & 15

                                                                           Song         If Only (all)


Sebastian  (a crab, advisor to King Triton)          Script       Pg 24

                                                                            Song        Under the Sea (to bar 40)


Ursula (the sea witch, sister of King Triton)        Script       Pg 54 & 55

                                                                            Song        Poor Unfortunate soul (to bar 43)


Flotsam/Jetsam (eels, Lackey to Ursula)              Script      Pg 17

                                                                              Song        Sweet Child (whole song – sing  both parts)


Chef Louis  (Palace chef)                                      Script       Pg 70

                                                                              Song        Les Poissons (to bar 60)


Mersisters (daughters of King Triton)                     Script       Pg 12 (Aquata’s lines)

                                                                               Song         She’s in Love (to bar 40- sing all                                                                                                  parts)


Chorus (sea creatures, animals, courtiers etc)    Song        Under the Sea (Bar 92-108)



Please audition for 2 parts maximum (PLEASE NOTE - Ariel auditions will automatically be looked at for Mersisters as well, so please only audition for Ariel)


The minor roles of Pilot, Princesses, Gulls, Chefs and Maids will be cast from the above auditions and some parts may double.


Everyone will do a dance/movement audition.

Script and Music here https://app.production.pro/upload-document/10395/182309