Legally Blonde Audition Results

Legally Blonde - Audition Results

Congratulations to everyone who has auditioned, the standard has been as high this year as ever and we are delighted that so many came along and showed us just what a talented bunch of young people you all are.  We are so sorry that we can't have you all in the cast, but the stage at Stourbridge isnt suitable to hold over 60 people !

If you didn't get the part you were after please be assured that there will be plenty to do for everyone as it is an extremely busy show.

If your name does not appear below please email [email protected] and we will arrange for the refund of your membership. Please note that as stated on our launch night, membership refund is only possible if we cannot offer a place in the production, not if you choose to not take part


All cast members must confirm they accept the parts given by emailing [email protected] by no later than 7pm on Sunday 2nd April.

If we have not heard from you by this time and date then it will be assumed you no longer wish to take part in the production and your name will be removed from the list below.


The cast for our 2023 production of Legally Blonde is as follows:


Elle Woods - Heather Hadley

Paulette Bonafonte - Robyn Harding

Vivienne Kensington - Isabella Cook

Brooke Wyndham - Darcy Powell

Margot - Amelia Humphries

Serena - Bryony Palmer

Pilar - Jayden Allen

Emmett - Alex Brettle

Professor Callaghan - Joe Horton

Warner- Harrison Hill

Enid - Martha Crump


Delta Nu's

Kate - Kersten Davies

Gaelen - Rebecca Thompson

Quinn - Lily Grace Wooldridge

Addison - Ashleigh Spittle

Dana - Chelsey Hart

Harper - Lydia Evans-Marsh

Leilana - Francesca Bird

Mr Wood - Elliott Atkinson

Mrs Wood - Thea Lowe

Grandmaster Chad - Dan Cwiertek

Winthrop & Kyle - Joe Neale

Lowell - Fizz Davies

Padmadon & Carlos - Ellison Hart

Prison Guard - Finn Dyas-Harold

Chutney - Jessica Clawes


Ensemble (and yet to be put in to parts)

Freya Poulton

Alexia Goth

Lois Bache

Luey Pearce

Faye Camplin

Libby Currell

Leyla Hull

Felicity Kirk-Booton

Erin Hennessy

Connie Davies

Sofia Lantoscar

Ester Ludell

Lily Wesley

Maggie Head

Beth Pearce

Charlotte Foxall

Katie Tranter

Jayden Palmer

Alycia Jones

Naomi Thompson

Alice Harding

Louise Perks

Paige Skidmore