Me & My Girl

The Cast

Lord Battersby      Lee Southall
Lady Battersby   Julia Siviter
Sir Jasper Tring   Mick Ganner
Lady Jaqueline Carstone   Nicola Smith
Charles, The Butler    Adrian Raybould
The Hon. Gerald Bolinbroke   Steve Flecther
Parchester, The Family Solicitor   Kevin Dunn
Maria, Duchess Of Dene   Eileen Thompson
Sir John Tremayne   Bill Speake
Bill Snibson   Robert Nutt
Sally Smith   Louise Griifin
Edwina Smythe-Young   Emma Holness
Lady Cynthia Brighton   June Rothery
Sophia Stainsley-Asherton   Janet Kirkham
Pearly Queen   Gillian Raybould
 Mrs Anastasia Brown   Anne Fisher 
Bob Barking    Adam Nicholls 
Edward, The Constable    Paul Langford 
Giles, The Chauffeur    Keith Furnell 
 Polly Jenkins   Joanne Floyd 
Fiona Beaufort    Sarah Chater 
Olivia Halford    Bekki Clewes 
Virginia Bentley   Nancy Butterfield 
Lady Catherine Percival    Clair Powell 
Christina Liddle-Hulme    Debbie Bishop 
Lady Prudence Camberley    Wendy Spencer