Shrek Audition Pieces

Shrek Audition Pieces

Princess Fiona

Fiona Libretto

Fiona - I know it's today - (3min 10secs onwards)


Fiona - Morning Person - (58s onwards)



Donkey Libretto

Donkey - Don't Let Me Go - Bars 18-32 (30secs onwards)

Donkey - I'm A Believer - Bar 54 to End (from 3mins onwards)



Pinnocio Libretto

Pinnochio - Story of My Life - Bars 15-30


Fairytale Creatures - SONG - Story of My Life - Bar 74 to end (fast forward to ending)

Baby Bear - Libretto

Captain of the Guards - Libretto

Ensemble - Choose this one if you just want to do a group audition - Welcome to Duloc


Papa Bear - Libretto

Papa Ogre / King Harold - Big Bright Beaiutiful World - Sing both parts


Peter Pan - Libretto