Applications are now being accepted for the positions of Director, Musical Director and Choreographer for our production of "The King and I" to be held from  2nd - 6th June 2015



Rehearsals (held at Birch Coppice Methodist Church, Quarry Bank)- from January 2015

Tuesdays - 7.45pm to 10pm - General Chorus

Wednesdays - 7pm to 8pm Dancers, 8pm to 10pm Principals


Roles and Responsibilities:

Producer - Steve Fletcher

The Producer has full overall control of the production and is therefore fully responsible for all elements that require expenditure. As such all technical aspects of the production such as Set/Scenery, Costumes, Props, Lighting, Sound etc. are the Producers responsibility.

The Director, Musical Director and Choregrapher will report to the Producer on a regular basis with any additional requirements or issues.

The Producer will run the Full Technical Rehearsal in the Theatre before handing over to the Director who will then run the Dress Rehearsals. 

The Producer has final approval over all aspects of the production before opening to the public   


Director - Click here to apply

Working closely with the Producer and other production team members the Director will mainly be responsible for the artistic interpretation of the libretto and passing this vision on to the cast members to ensure the highest possible standards.

Other responsibilities to include:

                        • Producing a Rehearsal Schedule for the cast 
                        • Ensuring all script is learnt by principals and cast in good time
                        • Responsible for "blocking" the show based on plans provided by the Producer
                        • Running rehearsals, ensuring discipline and efficiency


Musical Director - Click here to apply

Working alongside the Director and Choregrapher the MD will train the cast in all musical aspects of the production

Other responsibilities to include:

                        • Producing rehearsal materials where necessary
                        • Liaising with the Director regarding Rehearsal Schedule to ensure sufficient time is given for music rehearsals
                        • Source the Pit Band and provide the Producer with requirements and proposed budget
                        • Run musical rehearsals effectively to ensure high standards are achieved


Choreographer - Click here to apply

Also working with the Director and Musical Director the choreographer will audition and choose a team of dancers to train specific dance numbers that are relevant to the production. The choreographer will also train the other cast members, principals and chorus, where necessary for the production and in liaison with the Director.

Other responsibilities to include:

                        • Researching appropriate movement styles fitting to the period of the production
                        • Liaise with the Director regarding the Rehearsal schedule and ensure sufficient time is given for all Dance rehearsals
                        • Liaising with the Director to pinpoint precisely which scenes require the choreographers input
                        • Run dance rehearsals in a disciplined and effective manner ensuring H&S is considered at all times


Generous honoraria are awarded to each production team member (except for Producer) as remuneration for their skill and hard work with the society. If you are interested in one of the above roles of Director, MD or Choreographer then please email chairman@qbmts.org.uk giving your details and any relevant information regarding your past experience.

Closing date for applicants is 26th September 2014. Interviews held on week beginning 29th September with the decision being announced on Friday 3rd October.